Geoffrey Thomas

I'm a software engineer at Moka5, a Bay Area startup / Stanford research spinoff that works on making enterprise computing less painful, generally with lots of use of desktop virtualization.

My interests in the general area of computing include operating systems, virtualization, cryptography, networking, and the occasional diversion into complexity theory, programming language design, and distributed systems. I am a happy user of the Debian operating system and maintain a few Debian packages.

Apart from the computing topics above, you're also pretty likely to be able to engage me in a conversation about music or theology. I can sometimes be found singing with the San Francisco Choral Society or worshiping at Grace Cathedral.

I attended MIT from 2006-2011, studying computer science. I occasionally show up again; in January 2014 I was one of the people behind the alumni-run “Caffeinated 6.828”, squeezing a semester-long graduate-level operating systems class into one month. While I was busy not writing a master's thesis, I was a teaching assistant for

At MIT I was involved with a handful of student groups, including

My preferred email address for most things is, and email is my preferred contact method for most things. You're welcome to send me PGP-encrypted mail (key id 5C5245265C413520), though I might be slow to get around to decrypting it. One day, I'd like to fix this. I'm also often reachable on Freenode IRC as geofft and Twitter as @geofft. I would really prefer not to get PGP-encrypted IRC messages or tweets, though.

I have a fairly out-of-date résumé in HTML and PDF, although I'm not looking for different employment.